Public Lighting refurbishment

Public Lighting in Italy typically represents 20-30% of the energy bill of a local authority while it could be managed in an efficient way, reaching remarkable decrease of energy consumptions, up to 40-60% (compared to the current average ones and taking into account the same number of light spots).

AESS, as for the Performance contract model on buildings, aims at renovating the lighting systems, increasing the efficiency while covering the investment through the energy saving achieved.
In order to reach this goal, a first assessment on the state of art of public lighting is necessary. It is normally carried out through inspections and analysis of the electrical switch on boards and of the single related connected spots. Then an electronic archive is built up with data and pictures about the correspondence of electrical users, place and state of boards and place, typology and conditions and state of the single light spots.

The following energy analysis is aimed at identifying concrete energy and financial saving measures and at the same time includes suggestions to get systems in compliance with the legislation on lighting pollution, therefore providing the Public Body with a detailed framework about the priorities and their effectiveness at financial and environmental level. The final step is the creation of an overall financial plan in order to work out the Technical Specifications of the Call for tenders. AESS is furthermore accredited for asking and trading the White Certificates resulting from the energy efficiency measures undertaken.

Sample references (PL Surveys):
Geovest Consortium (Local public utility) – link to PL refurbishment project
Frignano Mountain Community
Town of Savignano sul Panaro